The Amazingly Beautiful Business Phone From Nokia

Business phones, generally are not known to be beautiful however there is an exception. The new Nokia E65 is a true eye-catcher. The phone grabs your attention by the way it looks. Also it has many distinct functionalities. This Nokia smart phone has a slider mechanism. This provides it a neat compact style. The Nokia E65 weighs only a paltry 4.0 ounces. Hence it is very comfortable to be grabbed.Also the phone has very smooth contours and has an extremely soft casing. Incidentally the casing feels like leather. This helps by providing an easy grip over the phone. Also the leather look adds an element of class to the Nokia E65. 마사지

The Nokia E65 is not a touch screen phone. There are various buttons and control underneath the display. These buttons and controls provide short cuts to various applications. However, the size is too small so the buttons and controls have to be used carefully. The keypad on the other hand is very spacious. It also has a large tactile button. This button helps in hassle free dialing.The phone has an extremely bright back light. This enables the texts to be read in a dark environment. For short text messages and short email replies, the E65’s keyboard is very good. will suffice your needs.The Nokia E65 is a quad band world phone. This feature allows the Nokia E65 to be used overseas also. The phone also has an inbuilt speaker phone. It also has a conference call facility. Apart from this there is also a voice dialing and speed dial option. Plus there is also an additional VOIP support.The Nokia E65 is also equipped with 3G, blue tooth and infrared connectivity. The phone also has a decent internal memory, this can be further extended. The Nokia E65 has a talk time of 6 hours and a stand by time of 11 days.