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Are there any areas of enhancement exercise to AVOID…and if so, what are they? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at 3 rules I think MOST men who get significant size agree to follow…and why NOT paying attention to the practical suggestions below can cost you time, energy, effort and INCOME to boot! Care to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look!Proper Technique is ParamountWant to know the truth? This axiom is true in just about every area of life…and is especially true when it comes to personal development and exercise. The simple fact is that learning to do things the RIGHT way is often AS important as doing them in the first place. I’ve seen MANY men get magnificent gains from enlargement exercises. (myself amongst them) Those that fail? Almost always, i can trace it back to technique…or NOT learning the right motions, methods and exercises when they first began. (sad but true.) extenze

And that includes every pump, pill, potion, lotion or ointment out there you THINK is going to help make your penis grow. Trust me, they won’t. What they WILL do is waste your time, effort and income, and make you waste time focusing on the WRONG philosophies that simply don’t work at all for any of us. (and occasionally can be dubious or even DANGEROUS to try, like in the case of hanging weights and similar silly solutions that are risky to useThe only sure fire strategy for getting super size from home is daily discipline. 10 -12 minutes a day…4 to 5 days a week. PERIOD. If you don’t think you’ll do the exercises, the simple truth is that you shouldn’t even start. I’ve gotten my biggest gains from showing up and following through on a day in, day out basis…and after writing about mens health for 3 years plus, can tell you my readers, fans and fellow authors ALL agree. If you put in the time…and learn the techniques, the gains will come. If you do it sporadically…or only put in a meager effort, you simply wont’ get any of the amazing improvements you want and need. (and you’re better off leaving it to those of us who will!)